Construction Safety

Construction site downtown with crane

Owner-controlled Program

The University of Texas at Austin participates in the Rolling Owner Controlled Insurance Program (ROCIP) managed by the University of Texas System Office of Risk Management. This program and the associated training, inspection and monitoring programs provide a robust safety program for all major capital construction projects managed by the Office of Campus Construction (OCC). Through participation in this program, the university has achieved reduced incident rates, greater awareness of construction safety and a significant reduction in injuries and claims. The result is that far more workers return home each day injury-free.

Safety Awards

Through participation in the ROCIP, CIP projects are eligible for safety awards from UT System. UT System created the Safety Through Exemplary Performance (STEP) award program to recognize leadership statewide in the area of project construction safety in a three-tier award program (Silver, Gold and Platinum). OCC-managed projects have been awarded dozens of Silver and Gold STEP awards for safety and four Platinum STEP awards.