CP688522 Perry Castaneda Library Welcome Admissions Center

Project Dates

January 25, 2019 to August 23, 2019

Project Summary

This project is located on the lower level of Perry Castaneda Library (PCL) in the southeast corner. It will have its own exterior entry coming off of Speedway.

The new Welcome Center in Perry Castaneda Library will replace the existing Visitor’s Center in Walter Webb Hall. The new central location is ideal for the Welcome Center since one of the chief functions is to conduct campus walking tours.

The Welcome Center wants to increase its visibility to all students with a more central location and it seeks to highlight the amenities that University of Texas at Austin’s campus provides. Recent renovations to Speedway, Gregory Gym and the Student Activity Center have created a new center of activity to the campus and will help serve the Welcome Center’s mission to show off UT as an exciting place to be.

Pedestrian Impacts

There will be a minor, temporary impact to pedestrian traffic between the walkway to Sanchez and Speedway. Once the project is complete, traffic will return to normal. The project adds a new exterior entrance along the east wall of PCL, which displaces some of the existing bicycle parking. Bicycle racks have been temporarily relocated to 21st street in front of Jester dorm. Some of the bike racks will return to the area in front of PCL once the project is complete.


If you have questions about this project, please contact PMCS, 512-471-3042.