CP865157 | NUR: Repair Underground HHW System

Project Dates

July 28, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Project Summary

Approaching the pass-through bridge between Red River St. and San Jacinto Blvd. north of Nursing Bldg. the heating hot water (HHW) system underground requires repairs.

Project Location: This project is adjacent to the Nursing bldg. on the northside pass-through street from Red River St. to San Jacinto Blvd. and impacts HTB and HDB.

Major anticipated outcomes/benefits of completed project: The HHW water line repair that serves NUR, HTB, and HDB  will make the pass-through bridge accessible to pedestrians once completed.

Project Impacts

Pedestrian Impacts: Pedestrians will be rerouted to the south side of pass-through street.

Travel Impacts: The right lane will be closed during this project with only access for pedestrians at various times.

Bicycle impacts: Cyclists may consider alternative routes using the City of Austin’s Bike Map.

Parking Impacts: N/A



If you have questions about this project, please contact PMCS, 512-471-3042