BLD Storm Sewer Repair

Project Dates

February 8, 2021 to April 30, 2021

Project Summary

  • Summary of scope: Find and repair cause of City water infiltration of a storm sewer line at BLD.
  • Project location: Project excavation will occur on the east side of BLD, in the sidewalk and a portion of the pavement¬†of University Avenue.
  • Major anticipated outcomes/benefits/ of completed project: Project will identify and eliminate an ongoing City water contamination of Waller Creek.

Project Impacts

  • Pedestrian Impacts: Sidewalk along the east side of BLD will be closed to foot traffic. Entrances on the north and south sides of BLD will still be accessible¬†for pedestrian pathways across University Avenue from the east. Pedestrians traveling north-south from 24th Street to Dean Keeton will be routed to the sidewalk on the east side of University Avenue. No impact to pedestrian access to BLD from the west, north or south.
  • Travel Impacts: No anticipated impact to vehicular travel.
  • Bicycle impacts: No anticipated bicycle travel impacts.
  • Parking Impacts: Details on parking impacts are available at


If you have questions about this project, please contact Jim Shrull at (512) 232-7373 or