CP765312 CMB: Renovate Floors 2 and 3

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 Construction Zone

 Traffic Impacted Zone

 Pedestrian Access

 Pedestrian Access (barrier free)

Project Dates

May 25, 2021 to January 31, 2022

Project Summary

Summary of scope: The Moody College of Communication has an area of approximately 19,000 SF in the Jesse H. Jones Communication Center - Building B (CMB), Levels Two and Three, that has been identified for renovation due to the exit of KLRU, Austin’s local PBS station. The College is taking this opportunity to upgrade these spaces for internal Centers, Institutes, and Programs (CIP’s) and organize them within CMB. The 45+ year old building will also require upgrades to its infrastructure to support these renovations.

Project Location: The work will take place in the Jesse H. Jones Communication Center – Building B (CMB): Floors 2 (partial) and 3 (entire floor).

Major anticipated outcomes/benefits/ of completed project: This project will upgrade, modernize, and improve spaces for Moody College CIP’s.

Project Impacts

Pedestrian impact: The CMB Celebrated Entrance and the entire CMB 3rd Floor will be closed to pedestrian traffic for the project’s duration. Project work on CMB 2nd Floor will not affect pedestrian traffic.

Access to the CMB 3rd level will be prohibited during this project. If users need to access the floors above CMB-03 with a barrier-free path, they can detour through the CMA Celebrated Entrance. Enter the CMA 3rd Floor Lobby and take the elevators up to the CMA 4th Floor. Once on the CMA 4th Floor, users can take the connecting pedestrian bridge to the CMB 4th Floor, which will also take them to the CMB elevators where they can access the upper floors.  On-site wayfinding signage will also provide directions.

Traffic impact: N/A

Bicycle impact: N/A

Parking Impact: N/A


If you have questions about this project, please contact PMCS, 512-471-3042