CP766936 Battle Hall/West Mall Building MEP Upgrades

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 Pedestrian Access

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Project Dates

January 25, 2021 to February 15, 2022

Project Summary

This main scope components of this project are Air Handler replacements at BTL and WMB as well as an electrical switchgear replacement at Goldsmith Hall (GOL).  This new gear at GOL will provide electrical service to all three buildings.  In addition to the major system replacements, the project includes work on the south exterior doors, cold water pumps and piping, hot water pumps and piping, steam to hot water converter and associated piping, chemical treatment separators and tanks, steam pressure reducing station and associated piping, exhaust fans, main electrical service and service pathway, electrical distribution panels, panelboards, electrical branch wiring, emergency lighting, exit signage, domestic hot water, sewage ejector system, sump pump system, a gender neutral restroom, thermal systems risers, domestic cold water, sanitary piping, insulation on existing-to-remain piping within mechanical rooms, electric circuit tracing, and steam pressure reducing station.

Project Location: Work associated with this project will be within Battle Hall, the West Mall Building, and Goldsmith Hall as well as in the immediate vicinity of this buildings.  Exterior project work will be located primarily at the BTL south entrance, in the BTL/WMB south parking lot, in the mall between GOL and WMB and adjacent to the WMB North Entrance.

Major anticipated outcomes/benefits/ of completed project: Replacement of major infrastructure systems at the end of their useful life is the major focus of this project.  A second primary focus is addressing identified accessibility issues for Battle Hall.  The major benefit will be a reliable, functional, and accessible building for many years to come.

Project Impacts

Pedestrian impact: The south accessible entrance to Battle Hall will be closed for a significant of the project.  Currently, this entrance is scheduled to be closed from 5/24/21 through 7/14/21.  A trench for extension of electrical service will have to be excavated between GOL and WMB.  This excavation work will be phased so that an accessible entrance to the Post Office and the University Ombudsman’s Office is maintained at all times.

Traffic impact: N/A

Bicycle impact: Bicycle racks to the south of BTL and to the southwest of WMB have been removed for the duration of the project.

Parking Impact: Parking to the south of BTL and WMB will be limited as this area is being utilized for project staging.  


If you have questions about this project, please contact PMCS, 512-471-3042