CP815083: CAM 21st Street Accessibility Improvements

Project Dates

March 14, 2022 to July 29, 2022

Project Summary

Summary of scope: 

Modifications to 21st Street including a ramp between San Jacinto Residence Hall (SJH) and Roberts Hall Dormitory (RHD), sidewalk modifications in front of RHD, and accessible north-south passage between RHD and Brackenridge Hall Dorm (BHD). The existing topography on 21st Street has a very steep 30-foot vertical drop in grade along the identified path, making it inaccessible. The proposed solution includes construction of a ramp on the east end of the defined scope area, near San Jacinto Boulevard and adjacent to RHD. The project will also include a stair terminating at the same landing as the ramp, for those without mobility issues. At this juncture, a widened and regraded sidewalk along 21st Street will be accessible to all users. Additional work further west along 21st Street includes an accessible route through an existing elevated breezeway connecting RHD to BHD. This route will allow access from 21st Street south to the courtyards and dormitories along Jester Circle.

Project location: 21st Street between San Jacinto Boulevard to BHD.


Project Impacts

Pedestrian impact: Pedestrian access will be impacted at the south sidewalk of 21st Street in front of RHD. Immediately east of RHD, the west sidewalk of the fire lane road will be closed between RHD and SJH. Pedestrians will be redirected to the barrier-free north sidewalk of 21st Street via pedestrian crossing signs at the east side intersection of the fire lane and 21st Steet. Another pedestrian crossing sign will be placed at the western limit of construction at the south sidewalk on 21st Street. The breezeway between BHD and RHD is not currently barrier-free and will remain so until contruction is complete.

Traffic impact: Traffic along 21st St will not be impacted. 

Bicycle impact: Bicycle traffic will not be impacted.

Parking Impact: The 2 westernmost parking spots on the south side of 21st St will not be available during construction. Details are available at https://parking.utexas.edu/construction-disruptions.


If you have questions about this project, please contact PMCS, 512-471-3042.